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The Story, Philosophy, and the Layout!

Whole Sol Wellness was born out of recognizing through my own struggles, my formal wellness education, and my years of experience coaching for big companies, that there is a huge need for a sustainable, science-backed program in the world of wellness.

My mission is to help you create lasting change by providing education, resources, and accountability. I believe that change happens when the client understands and internalizes the why behind the changes being made. That is why I aim to provide a comprehensive education that inspires you to permanently adopt your new habits. I believe that there is power in independence, that is why I provide extensive resources that empower you to apply what you have learned on your own! Through Whole Sol you will have all of the tools you need to individualize your wellness journey. Finally, I believe in the power of accountability. As a coach, that is one of my main jobs! I am here to push you, check on you, answer your questions, and above all NOT LET YOU FAIL! 

The philosophy behind everything I teach is built of 3 pillars. True to Evolution, Natural De-Stress, and Thrive Through Routine! You will learn more about these three pillars of Whole Sol philosophy as you embark on a journey with me. You will find that everything we do with Nutrition, Mindfulness, Movement, and Nature are rooted in these core philosophies. 

All of my offerings are delivered to you through the WS app. For a small monthly subscription you will have access to some of my most popular offerings like workouts, on-demand yoga classes, recipes, a recommended reading guide, and a few short lectures. Inside the app ready-made programs can be purchased that target goals ranging from hormone balancing to weight-loss. If you would like to work with me personally, you can purchase one of my basic programs along with the one-on-one coaching add on. This comes with check-ins, one-on-one advice, accountability, and program customization. I also offer a VIP coaching package where we work together to make an optimal lifestyle program for you that targets your specific needs and accommodates all of your specific needs.

About Whole Sol

"Through the perfect blend of meditation, movement, down to earth eating and, of course, sunshine, my clients attain lasting wellness mind, body, and sol."

-Annie Sutton

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