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Weight Loss, Hormone Balance, and Toning with varying levels of accountability-
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Track your wellness habits and goals in a beautiful, aesthetic, hardcover-
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Reset your gut, heal your microbiome, and get your energy back in just 7 days!
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About Coaching

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"Annie knows her stuff! She
helped me to lose 35 pounds and keep it off. She's absolutely amazing!
I feel 20 years younger!"

Patty K

“I loved the way we incorporated not only food and exercise, but mindfulness, gut health, and just a whole body and whole life approach. I truly think that this kind of coaching will yield sustainable and maintainable results, and it's super fun!”
"I have been more conscious of my vegetable intake and I have shifted my morning routine to have more movement and I have LOVED it! I really enjoyed the lectures and yoga videos, they weren't ever too long but I always felt like I got a good workout in. Annie was so kind and sweet and would check in on me and send helpful tips."

Elisha S.

Moriah P.

Whole Sol Is . . .

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Whatever your goal may be, there is a Whole Sol program for you! I can help you lose weight, build muscle, balance your hormones, develop body love, embrace mindfulness, and feel better than you've ever felt before!

Your connection to Earth is one of your most powerful tools for healing. As you work with me, you will connect to your Paleolithic ancestors and reset your health. Every aspect of my programs are geared toward balancing the body in the most evolutionarily appropriate way possible.

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Based on Nature

Most health and wellness programs on the market are designed to give fast results that do not last. Built upon behavior change theory, Whole Sol programs will help you build habits that make you feel so good you will never want to let them go. Like I always say, let's make this the LAST time you resolve to get healthy! 

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One of Whole Sol's defining characteristics is the sound scientific evidence behind every principle and habit in my programs. Unlike many wellness coaches, I don't just teach what has worked for me and my genetics. I have a robust education in the health sciences, and I understand what interventions are likely to work for YOU based on reputable scientific studies.  

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Science Backed

Meet Your Wellness Specialist



Hi! I'm Annie Sutton! After working in the weight loss industry both for a private company and later a large medical group, spending a year in corporate wellness, and spending half a decade teaching yoga, I have created Whole Sol Wellness as a way to meet the needs of people like you who are sincerely looking to improve their health and wellbeing. My programs combine my well-rounded education with professional expertise to bring you a wellness transformation unlike any other. In fact, after stress, family loss, and mental health struggles took its toll on my own health, I transformed my own body and mind using the very methods I teach through Whole Sol. You can read more about my own wellness transformation HERE.


IG: @whole_sol_wellnes       TikTok: @wholesolwellness 

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