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Hi, I'm Annie!

Raised in Eagle Idaho, I grew up loving to play in the outdoors, ride horses, hike, ski, and mountain bike. I found yoga when I was 14 years old when a close family member suggested it would help with stress and anxiety. I fell in love with yoga at an early age and knew I wanted to become an instructor one day. 

Through high school and early college, I began to struggle with my body weight and health. I started to fluctuate in weight, experience abdominal pain, digestive discomfort, acne, and fatigue. I knew this was not how my body was supposed to feel so I turned to the internet and books to learn about nutrition and exercise. I tried basically everything the internet told me to do and eventually became frustrated when diets, exercise programs, fat-burning pills, and cleanses never gave me the lasting change I was seeking.

In fact, I eventually became so frustrated that I got into the dangerous territory of over-exercising and dieting. All the while I was experiencing some trauma with the passing of my mom and the rise of several mental health struggles. As stability in my personal life continued to decline I developed several strange physical symptoms that seemed to have no connection to each other.

I was not overweight, but I felt puffy, bloated, and soft. My acne became painful and unbearable. I started to have panic attacks completely out of the blue. My menstrual cycle fell completely out of whack and I started having painful, long periods- the longest one lasting 32 days! In the midst of all this, I started having dizzy episodes and blurred vision in my eyes. I was miserable and a little scared!

So, like any of us would do, I went to the doctor- who referred me to a separate specialist for each of my conditions. I went on a wild goose chase collecting prescription medications, having tests done, and even getting an MRI. Nothing conclusive came up, and there was no diagnosis to be made.

Finally, I went to see an Eastern Medicine MD who, to my surprise, pieced all of my symptoms together and identified the cause! I was over-stressed. In fact, he ran a cortisol test (the hormone that often indicates stress and subsequently promotes fat storage) and found that I was overproducing it- even on my most uneventful days. 

Around the same time I saw this doctor, I switched my college major to Exercise and Wellness. I was determined to find answers- obsessed if you will- and was willing to devote my college career finding them. Through analyzing studies, taking eye-opening courses, and working with some of the top professors in the world, I learned that I am not the only one who had stressed my way into sickness. 

90% of illnesses in America are caused by stress to the body or mind, and in my case, 100% of my illnesses were due to stress all along! I dove into this theory and compiled the best scientific evidence into a program designed around distressing the whole body from the digestive system, to the immune system, to the endocrine system. 

I applied my studies to myself first and was able to finally heal. I am happy to report that all of my symptoms have been resolved and I feel better in my skin than I ever thought possible. Just look at these before and afters and see the happiness for yourself!




I continued on in my education and earned supporting certifications such as my Yoga Teaching Certification, Personal Training Certification, and Nutrition Certification. For two years I have worked in the wellness industry primarily teaching weight loss for medical doctors, but also coaching my own wellness clients on the side. I have compiled a philosophy organized into programs that deliver the education you need to transform your wellness for yourself. Now that I have coached dozens of clients through my programs and seen them succeed, I am taking my private wellness coaching full-time! I feel called to help people desperately seeking answers like I once was, and I would be honored if you would trust me to help you. 



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