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I absolutely love working with Annie! I have worked with many coaches in the past and have never met somebody who is so attentive in the ways she listens to my needs, wants, and goals. She's not just trying to help me lose weight, she's helping me build sustainable habits.

My cravings have gone down SIGNIFICANTLY, my bloating has gone down, my acne disappeared, I have way more energy than I ever had before, I feel comfortable in my skin, and I am proud of how strong I am. 

-Sarah P.

Become the YOU you've always dreamed of

It's easy to get started!

Fill out an application

Check your email

Make your goals
a reality!

Work with Annie

  • Daily workouts

  • Custom nutrition guidance

  • A recipe library

  • An exercise library

  • Daily mindfulness exercises

  • Daily Habits

  • Delivered in an app

    Monthly check-in calls and messaging throughout the week for support. 


1:1 coaching through your custom wellness plan including:


Work with Annie & Emmilee R.D.N.

Dual coaching from Annie and Emmilee, Registered Dietician. Take your personalized wellness plan to the next level with in-depth nutrition consulting, supplement recommendations, and more. 


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What to Expect from
1:1 Coaching

First Consultation and Application

After you fill out the application, check your email for for a confirmation. I will personally review your application and reach out to you with a link to book your first, $30 exploratory consultation.
Your application is completely confidential and no question is mandatory. Applying to work with me is not a commitment to a program.

On the Exploratory Call, my main goal is to understand your vision and give you confidence that, together,
we can make that vision become your reality. I will answer questions you have about your health journey as I gather the information I need to craft your perfect, personalized program.

If you are interested in working with Emmilee R.D.N, please make this known in your application. 

Your Personalized Program

After your call, if we decide it's a good fit, you will sign up and pay for your plan. Your $30 first consultation fee will go towards your first month on the plan.

I will take 3 business days after receipt of payment to craft a program for you that includes:

- A
nutrition plan with guidelines, recipes, and 2-3 sample meal plans
Nutrition tracking (food journal or macros)
- A
workout plan with follow-along workouts
- A
mindfulness plan with daily prompts
Daily habits with an interactive daily check-list
- Goal-specific
progress tracking
- Personal resource library

This will all be delivered to you through my app, which you can explore here.

Coaching and Accountability

As your coach, I will be in your corner cheering for you every step of the way! As you log your workouts, food, and habits in the app, I will be able to see your progress and give you important feedback and encouragement. 

Your plan includes a monthly, 30 minute, check-in call where we will evaluate your progress and make adjustments to your plan to help you on the continual path to success. 

If you are looking to work with Emmilee RDN, you will also have a 30 minute check-in call and accountability texts from her each month.

In addition to the in-app messaging, you will have my personal cell phone. I will be available over text messaging and voice messaging on all weekdays between 9-5MST and even some weekends. I hope you are looking for a new best friend, because you will be getting texts and voice memos from me several times a week!

Real Texts from my Clients


What makes working with Annie different?


Most coaches are focused on either exercise or nutrition exclusively. Because of this they overlook the complex and interconnected mind-body dynamic that affects everything from your gut health, to your hormones, to your weight. 

A simple supplementary certification for me is the average coach's entire arsenal of credentials. Because I have taken the popular courses in addition to my Bachelor's of Science, I can see why the average fitness program often falls short and leaves the client frustrated and feeling like a failure.

Aside from my education, my years of working in weight-loss medical clinics, for popular weight loss programs, as a health coach, and a hands-on personal trainer have taught me that no two people are alike. With me, you will receive a personal plan that I continue to evolve and adapt to meet your needs. 

My revolutionary methods are rooted in science and backed by the transformations of the hundreds of people I have helped in my career. I am committed to help every single client overcome their wellness struggles and unlock the healthiest version of themselves. 


Start with your first consultation

No commitments! Just sign up and fill out your application. I can't wait to get to know you and talk through your goals!

1:1 Personalized Coaching


On average, this is what it would cost to re-create what Annie offers but with traditional coaches:

Or, get all of these services and MORE through Annie Sutton Wellness:

Average cost of services NOT with Annie:

Personal Training  ...... $400/mo
Nutrition Coaching ..... $200/mo
Wellness/health Coaching ..... $150/mo

Total: $750/mo

1:1 Personalized Coaching WITH Annie:

Customized program ..... Included
Personal Training  ...... Included
Nutrition Coaching ..... Included
Wellness/Health Coaching ..... Included
Resources, Education, & More... Included

Total: $195/mo

certificate (2)_edited.png

That's less than $7 a day!

Ask about the student discount!

Looking for an in-depth focus on nutrition?


1:1 Personalized Coaching with Annie & Emmilee R.D.N.

  • Nutrition Counseling from a Registered Dietician Nutritionist, Emmilee Woodbrey

  • Personal Training  

  • Wellness/Health Coaching 

  • Resources, Education, & More

Total: $295/mo

certificate (2)_edited.png

Don't worry, you don't have to commit yet! After you apply I will send a link to sign up for a $30 consultation to make sure this is the right fit for you *** If I have no availability I will offer you a spot on my wait list *** 

More Rave Reviews!

"I truly think that this kind of coaching will yield sustainable and maintainable results, and it’s super fun! Annie is the sweetest human being. You’re really gaining an entire friend and coach at once!"

- 1:1 Client

"Annie helped me lose 40 pounds and I've kept it off for 8 months!"

- Paula S.

"I wish everyone had the opportunity to do this. It has changed the way I view health and I'll never go back"

- Jane J.

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